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"What draws
small high tech businesses to Lowertown now is almost exactly what drew the arts community here ten years ago. The feel of being surrounded by century-old architecture makes you think in different ways. It's kind of a retro thing."
Bruce Bethke Science Fiction Writer, Author of 'Head Crash'
"I envision a creative community of Net entrepreneurs here. By congregating downtown we can create some of the shared opportunities that exist in New York's Silicon Alley or Boston's Cyber District."
Mike O'Connor
"Lowertown's unique mix of art and culture will make our employees better business people. Working here is life enhancing as well as financially enhancing."
Jeff Heegard Homestyles
"Lowertown is much like an immigrant community in the early l900's, where everyone helped everyone. It's a warm, friendly place to be."
James Riesterer point2point

Discover the Synergy of the
Region's First Cyber Village

Inside Lowertown's historic buildings, a new center for the digital age is rapidly developing. This virtual community is a true Cyber Village, the first in the region.

You'll find a growing community of cutting-edge entrepreneurial companies, working in information technologies and new media that were only dreamed of a short time ago.

Already located in this compact, 18-block square urban village are Internet service providers, interactive multimedia and Web site designers, online services, database publishers, graphic design firms and many others.

In Lowertown, these companies and their creators have discovered the perfect setting for their businesses-a dynamic, energetic neighborhood that is human scale, friendly and supportive. It's a place where other people who share their interests are as close as across the hall or around the corner.

Lowertown. Wired and Ready for Business

Lowertown's already extensive telecommunications capabilities have recently been enhanced by the installation of a broad bandwidth, multi-mode high capacity fiber-optic loop. Linking our entire Cyber Village, it provides easy access to the fastest network possible.

And because Lowertown's infrastructure is already highly sophisticated, businesses locating here can be confident that the system will be routinely enhanced as upgrades in technology and faster network capabilities are developed.

A New Neighborhood with a Spirit All Its Own

St. Paul's new Cyber Village has a unique spirit all its own, one based on innovation, energy and enterprise, in an intimate urban setting of great charm and character. It's a place where people share ideas, problems, information and new solutions over lunch in Mears Park or with a quiet walk around the neighborhood. This unique climate of creativity and shared vision makes growing your business here an exciting adventure.

Where the Arts and Technology Converge

Lowertown's new Cyber Village represents a creative combination of outstanding artistic talent and computer expertise. The neighborhood's deep well of artistic talent, represented by a growing population of hundreds of working artists of all kinds, is an important resource for companies locating here.

Here you'll find artists and computer software designers sharing and working in the same neighborhood but linked locally and globally - through extensive fiber-optics and satellite uplinks.

A Great Place To Work

Today's Lowertown is the fastest-growing neighborhood in Saint Paul, and with good reason. It offers many advantages to growing companies. For example, easy freeway access to the international airport and to clients almost anywhere in the Twin Cities. Close proximity to leading technology companies and research organizations, including 3M, BMC Industries, Lawson Software, Regions Hospital and the University of Minnesota. And just a short walk from downtown Saint Paul's financial and investment center.

Add in the ready availability of affordable loft office and studio spaces in Lowertown's many architecturally distinguished buildings, plus a wide variety of after-work dining and entertainment choices, and you know why this new Cyber Village is becoming the first choice of many growing businesses. Well as Live.

Lowertown is a great place to live, too, with housing available to suit every taste, from modest studios to high-rise penthouses, from artists' working-living studio space to for-sale condominiums. In fact, many of the owners and employees of Lowertown's emerging businesses have also made this new Cyber Village their permanent home. Life in Lowertown is centered on Mears Park. Tree-shaded in the summer and a wonderland of lights during the winter, the park serves as the neighborhood village green.

As one cyber-entrepreneur explained, "I can walk to my office in minutes. Work, shopping and entertainment are just a skyway walk away. The freeways are nearby. No snow to shovel. Great views. Charming streetscapes. And a real sense of security.

The "wired" home office is common in Lowertown, too, with many residents operating their cyber businesses in their living spaces until they are able to grow into one of the area's many distinctive buildings. Lowertown. It's a place where ideas are launched. Solutions discovered. And visions encouraged.

Now you can be a part of it.

There's A Place in Lowertown for You!

Interested in taking a look at Lowertown for your startup or cyber company? Lowertown Redevelopment Corporation, the catalyst organization for the development of this exciting new neighborhood, is ready to help.

Our staff can assist you in establishing a new business in our neighborhood, or relocating your existing business.

We'll put you in touch with owners and managers of buildings offering the space you need at rents you can afford, and introduce you to potential vendors and support services of all kinds.

Discover for yourself the synergy, convenience and historic charm of the region's only Cyber Village.

Take your company to the edge. In Lowertown!

Phone: 651.227.9131
Fax: 651.223.5708


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