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An Ambitious Vision

Lowertown Redevelopment Corporation (LRC) has been the catalyst for Lowertown's success. Over the years, this non-profit partnership has addressed a variety of design issues in the neighborhood to assure that new development harmonizes with the existing historic fabric of the community. It has aggressively marketed the area to potential investors, developers, renters, home buyers and visitors. And when needed to get an important project off the ground, it has provided gap financing assistance - in carefully monitored and limited amounts.

A Unique Partnership

The result of LRC's unique partnership with the City and the private sector has been the successful planning and execution of a development strategy for the 18-block historic district, an effort which has succeeded beyond anyone's expectations.

LRC's ambitious vision called for the creation of a dynamic mix of housing, offices, retail stores, services, restaurants, theaters, parks and public spaces, supported by a marketing strategy that would attract people, business and investment to the area, creating a new and vital community in the heart of the city.

A New Model for Urban Revitalization

After nearly a quarter century of work and investment, this new urban village and the success of Lowertown Redevelopment Corporation as its catalyst have emerged as models for cities across the country and around the world. They are unique examples of how public and private interests, sharing a common vision and working together in harmony, can dramatically alter the future of a neighborhood. Hundreds of civic leaders, planners and developers from across the U.S., as well as their counterparts in dozens of foreign countries, have come to Lowertown to learn the techniques pioneered here. News of Lowertown's success has been published in many languages, including French, Japanese, Chinese, German and Korean in addition to English.

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