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Housing for Every Taste and Budget

Housing of every type and in every price range is an important part of Lowertown's appeal, providing a growing population with convenient, attractive and affordable places to live, and offering the village's businesses a growing base of nearby customers.

Since LRC's founding in 1978, more than 1,500 apartments and condominiums have been built, making Lowertown one of the city's fastest growing neighborhoods. Clustered near beautiful Mears Park, the popular Farmers Market, and spectacular Galtier Plaza, they have strong appeal for both renters and owners, reflected in their extremely high occupancy and low turnover rates. Most are within an easy walk of almost every major downtown building or employer.

Pick Your Lifestyle

Developers from across the nation, attracted by Lowertown's potential, have created a variety of housing to suit every taste and budget. Rentals range from modest studios at the American House to large and elegant condos in the high-rise Towers of Galtier Plaza; fashionable renovated historic warehouses in The Cosmopolitan; and artists' living-working apartments in The Tilsner, Northern Warehouse and other charming loft buildings.

True Urban Convenience

When you live and work in St. Paul's urban village, you're within minutes of every part of the metro Twin Cities area, with easy access provided by I-94 and 35-E, and other nearby arteries, such as Warner Road and Jackson Street, as well as most of the bus lines serving the region. Ample parking is also available in lots and new ramps throughout the neighborhood.

Lowertown offers its residents maximum convenience, with skyway connections to virtually everything of interest and importance in Saint Paul's compact downtown, from retail stores, offices and hotels to the Ordway Theater, Public Library, Science Museum and other museums and attractions, as well as financial, legal and government services of all kinds.

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