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A Bright Present - and an Even Brighter Future

Called a "city for the millennium", St. Paul's urban village can look to a future that is even brighter than its past. Lowertown Redevelopment Corporation and its many partners have a clear vision for the neighborhood: to strengthen it as a community where families feel secure; to provide ready access to jobs, education and the services they need to live a comfortable and rewarding life; where mature residents can continue to be active in a busy, interesting environment; where new and emerging businesses can grow and prosper; where the arts are alive and honored; and where people of all kinds and all ages can meet in cafes, parks and galleries, stroll along the streets or the riverfront, go for an evening boatride, or simply sit and talk without fear or concern.

Lowertown Redevelopment Corporation: The Next Quarter Century

The work of Lowertown Redevelopment Corporation, like other city-building efforts, is never finished. Each new development leads to the next, challenging us to constantly re-envision the future. Advances in technology and telecommunications are already changing and expanding the vision of what our urban village can ultimately become. And the past success of the public-private partnership which underlies its growth to date augurs well for an even brighter future. Lowertown Redevelopment Corporation, its board and its many partners are fully committed to continue their role as the catalyst, idea generator and implementer for the continued development of this unique phenomenon called "Lowertown."

Just a few years ago, many people doubted that the dream envisioned for this neighborhood would ever be made real. Today it is clear that much has already been accomplished. Without the vision and hard work of the past, today's Lowertown would still be little more than a collection of empty warehouses and parking lots.

Imagination, sensitivity, risktaking – these, plus a deep commitment to the idea of cooperation and partnership, have made all the difference. Working together, we intend to continue to build our "urban village", and realize the full potential of our original dream.

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